How to Make a Cat-Friendly DIY Window Perch

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How to Make a Cat-Friendly DIY Window Perch

Everybody is constantly looking for new methods to add excitement to their houses for their cats. It’s safer for cats to be indoors, both for the environment and for the cats themselves, but to keep your cat from being bored, you will need to provide an enriching environment for them to live in. Adding window perches to your cat’s surroundings is a great idea. Not only do these house modifications provide your cat with a great spot to gaze out the window, but they also give your cat an elevated platform from which to observe activities inside the house. In addition to providing your cat with a safe and pleasant location, an elevated resting area can keep it occupied. The nicest thing about window perches is that you can install one in your house without needing to be particularly skilled. Actually, you can safely assemble the majority of DIY window perches for your cat nowadays. These are a few of our best homemade cat window stools.

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How to Make a Cat-Friendly DIY Window Perch

All you need to make this cat perch is some comfy bedding your cat enjoys, shelf mounting brackets, and a flat piece of wood. For a windowsill that rests flat against the wall, this works best. Place the shelf brackets beneath the windowsill and attach the flat wood, just like you would a shelf, to the brackets. Place your cat’s preferred bedding on top, and secure it with Velcro, carpet tape, or another kind of grip so that when your cat climbs on the perch, the bedding won’t slide off. Hot glue dots can even be used for this.

Beneath the Windowsill: Unlikely is so much more enjoyable than dull

You can use this kind of cat perch with windowsills of any kind, even flush on the wall sills. The same supplies needed for the over-the-windowsill style also apply to this perch. Install the shelf brackets just below the windowsill’s bottom, allowing enough room for the wood to fit between the brackets and the overhanging sill’s bottom. Using the same non-skid products as before, attach the wood to the brackets and cover with your cat’s bedding.

Martha Stewart, Hanging Shelves

A strong, flat piece of wood, wall anchors, eye hooks, bedding, and a thin chain that can sustain your cat’s body weight are needed for this kind of window perch. To attach the wood to the wall or windowsill, you will also require some kind of anchors or screws. Start by fastening the chain into a wall stud above the window. When mounted to the farthest edges of the wood, the chain should be just long enough to be taut. Attach the chain to the eye hooks by drilling them into the two front corners of the wood.

This need not be extremely tight, but it should be strong enough to prevent the wood from being readily knocked loose.

Lyrics and hymns from “Hanging Basket”

You’ll need bedding, mounting supplies, a strong nylon or natural rope, and a lightweight basket for this. You will need to purchase a stable curtain rod if you do not already have one that can sustain the weight of your cat. After fastening one rope’s ends to the basket’s farthest corners, place the basket against a wall or a windowsill. Anchors, shelf brackets, screws, or nails can be used for this. Next, center the curtain rod by sliding the rope’s looped end over it, ensuring that both the mounting hardware and the rope are providing equal support for the basket.

Your cat’s preferred bedding can be added, but since it won’t slip off the edge like it would on a shelf, you won’t need to fasten it to the basket.

Hgtv Scratcher Tube

You can use a premade scratcher tube or make your own for this window perch. If you make your own, you’ll need natural rope or carpeting, as well as a sturdy piece of cardboard tubing. To make a scratcher that your cat can fit inside, cover the tube with the rope or carpet. Make sure you carve out a sizable opening in the tube so your cat can see out the window. The scratcher can be fixed to the window side with sturdy suction cups to keep it in position. Mount the far end of the scratcher to the curtain rod with a rope for added security.

Shelf for Baskets: Third stop on the right

For this one, all you’ll need is bedding, shelf mounting brackets, and a lightweight basket with strong walls. Install the brackets in the same way as the windowsill window perches above or below. After that, attach the basket to the shelf brackets and tighten its fit. The ideal combination for this kind of window perch is a wooden box or a box composed of another solid material. Make sure your cat’s preferred bedding is inside the box or basket.

PVC Structure – Do It Yourself

Thick fabric, four PVC straight pieces, four PVC corner pieces, a sewing kit or snap buttons, four industrial suction cups with hooks, and two rope, chain, or cable lengths are needed for this. Enough space should be left on each side for a piece of PVC to slide through when you fold over the edges of the fabric and sew or snap together. Join the corner pieces to the PVC lengths to form a hammock of fabric that is slightly taut.

As an alternative, you can loop the rope or chain over the curtain rod or fasten it into the wall above the window. To secure the bed in place, install the remaining two suction cups lower on the window and place the PVC hammock into them.

Window Box: This historic home

Using every inch of window space, even the space outside the window, is what makes a window box so much fun. Any of the previously mentioned materials can be used for the window perch’s interior. The external part should basically resemble a box with an open back, fenced sides, and top. In order to prevent your cat from escaping the house when you open the window, this box will be mounted up against the exterior of your window.

This is the most intricate window perch option, requiring the greatest amount of supplies and technical expertise.


You can make your cat at least eight different window perches in less than a day. You might even already have the materials for many of these at home, saving you a trip to the store. But when building and installing a window perch for your cat, don’t cut corners. Not only will stability help your cat feel more secure and at ease with the arrangement, but it will also motivate your cat to use the window perch on a regular basis, making the most of your do-it-yourself project.

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