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Before we dive into the specific pets that possess healing abilities, let’s first understand why having a healing pet in Prodigy is essential. In this fantastical world, battles and challenges are a part of your everyday life. Whether you’re facing fierce creatures or other wizards, having a pet that can heal can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

which pets can heal in prodigy

Healing pets can restore your wizard’s health during battles, allowing you to stay in the fight longer. They can mend wounds, cure ailments, and ensure that your wizard is always ready to take on the next challenge. Additionally, healing pets can save you valuable resources that would otherwise be spent on healing items or spells. Now that we’ve established the importance of healing pets, let’s explore some of the magical companions that possess this coveted ability.

1. Angel

The Angel is one of the most iconic healing pets in Prodigy. With its celestial wings and soothing aura, the Angel has the power to heal your wizard during battles. Its abilities include “Healing Light” and “Cure,” which can rejuvenate your wizard and remove negative status effects. The Angel’s presence on your team can be a literal lifesaver in the toughest of battles

2. Seraph

The Seraph is an evolved form of the Angel and takes healing to a whole new level. With advanced healing abilites like “Radiant Blessing” and “Revitalize,” the Seraph can not only heal but also boost your wizard’s stats, making it a formidable ally in any battle. Obtaining a Seraph is a goal for many Prodigy players due to its exceptional healing prowess.

3. Mysticat

The Mysticat may appear cute and cuddly, but don’t let its appearance fool you. This mystical feline possesses the power of “Divine Fur” and “Rejuvenate.” Mysticats can heal your wizard and even remove curses. Their versatility and healing capabilities make them a popular choice among Prodigy players.

4. Drowsyferno

The Drowsyferno is a unique pet with the ability to heal and deal damage simultaneously. Its “Lullabomb” ability can restore your wizard’s health while weakening your opponents. This dual-purpose pet is a favorite among those who appreciate both offense and defense in their pets.

5. Ivory TripTrop

The Ivory TripTrop is a healing pet known for its “Healing Beam” ability, which can mend your wizard’s wounds from a distance. This makes it an excellent choice for wizards who prefer to keep their distance in battles while still benefiting from healing support.

6. Smoochum

Smoochum, the charming pet with a heart-shaped tail, is another healing specialist. Its “Heartful Dance” ability can heal your wizard and grant them additional hearts, increasing their maximum health. Smoochum’s healing prowess combined with its adorable appearance makes it a popular choice for many Prodigy adventurers.

7. Healeaf

Healeaf is a plant-based healing pet with the unique “Leaf of Life” ability. This ability can heal your wizard and remove status ailments, making it a valuable asset in battles where status effects play a crucial role.

8. Embershed

The Embershed, while primarily known for its fiery attacks, also possesses healing abilities. Its “Warm Embrace” ability can heal your wizard and provide protection against ice-type attacks, adding a layer of versatility to this fiery companion.

9. Wott

Wott, the water-based pet, brings healing through its “Hydroheal” ability. It can restore your wizard’s health and extinguish fire-type effects, making it an excellent choice for battles where fire is a prevalent threat.

10. Hoppalong

Last but not least, the Hoppalong is a healing pet with a touch of nature. Its “Hopnotize” ability can heal your wizard and put opponents to sleep, giving you both offensive and defensive advantages in battle.

In the enchanting world of Prodigy, the choice of a healing pet is a decision that can greatly impact your wizarding journey. From the celestial Angel to the mystical Mysticat, there are numerous pets with healing abilities to choose from. Each pet brings its unique strengths and characteristics to the battlefield, so the best choice for you may vary depending on your playing style and strategy.

As you embark on your adventures in Prodigy, remember the importance of a healing pet by your side. These magical companions will not only mend your wounds but also empower you to face even the most formidable foes with confidence. So, choose your healing pet wisely, and may your wizarding journey be filled with triumph and enchantment.

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